October 2nd, 2012

Has Your Child Run Away?

Has your child runaway or do you fear they might runaway?

Are you worried about their safety and who are they staying with?

You should be worried, 83% of children who are victimized are as a runaway.

The risk to your child is very high yet law enforcement can not do much to help you. You do not want deal with any irreversible damage that will forever negatively impact your child and family.

As a retired police officer, I saw the pain that this causes families. That is why we have put a runaway booklet together to help parents and law enforcement. A step by step, day by day guide for parents to help recover and create a long term plan for when your child is recovered.

Teen Rescue has been helping parents and teen for over 23 years. This booklet is $5.00 plus postage. This booklet will ease both the financial and emotional trauma.

If you fear your child might runaway or has runaway, Call Teen Rescue at 800 494-2200 and get your booklet today. Don’t wait until it is too late!