September 21st, 2014


This week, Phil and Dave discuss the topic of lying and some of the reasons why we lie, such as avoiding embarrassment or conflict. They also talk about how to respond to difficult questions without lying, such as thinking ahead about responses to possible questions that you might receive.

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5 Responses to “Lying”

  1. Leslie Donovan says:

    Good topic, thank you, I’ve been lying about being late due to traffic, its really because I left late because I wasn’t organized and I was being slothful.

  2. Tracey Thomas says:

    1. The program is professional, in an open and comfortable way (not monotonous. The subject of why we lie was helpful in remembering that sometimes it is just the person’s perspective and not to overreact.

    2.I would have liked to have heard more on how lying breaks trust and causes more problems than getting out of the moment.

    3. Future topics would be: what to do if you are married to an addict, and how do you get your children help (especially if you are poor).
    How do you cope/balance your child’s issues (anxiety, depression etc.) within the family without it taking over.

  3. Maureen Tan says:

    The program had a casual feel (not necessarily professional in the clinical sense) but the content was appreciated, applicable and very easy to relate to.

    The content was not revolutionary, but served as a reminder that generally we are often times not honest and therefore need to be more thoughtful in avoiding situations that prompt us to lie.

    Practically speaking, the content of the show gives the listener very simple means of approaching the topic of lying. The advice regarding the topic: ie: modeling honest behavior, planning our responses ahead of time to avoid finding ourselves in a situation that may prompt us to lie and taking responsibility for our behavior – simply being honest instead of deceiving ourselves and others was helpful.

    The show helps the listener realize and recognize that lying can be prevalent in all aspects of our lives especially if we are not careful to consciously choose to be truly honest. The listener is warned to avoid the lure of lying whether it be to avoid embarrassment, avoid conflict or perceived self protection/avoid consequences of poor decision making.

    *The program touched briefly on the consequences of lying – namely breaching trust, self deception. Perhaps, it would help the listener to delve deeper into understanding the need to be honest. It’d be helpful to address in more detail that even seemingly “white lies” create more harm in our lives than good because we are ultimately living a life of deception and therefore depriving ourselves of the accountability necessary to live truly Godly lives.

    Future Topic Suggestions:

    Respect – How to better create a sense of mutual respect and spirit of cooperation with our teenagers

    Trust – How to build trust after severe breach has occurred

    Drug use & destructive behavior – How to help a teen involved in drug/alcohol use and other destructive behaviors

  4. Irina Ionescu says:

    Very helpful topic.
    Love the radio shows.
    Thank you

  5. Brenaetantau Tantau says:

    Good topic for discussion as a family.
    It made me think and look at my own way of communicating with others. I learned in my early years of being a parent that being able to fess up to my mistakes and take responsibility for my wrong doings gave me a much better feeling than trying to cover them up with little white lies.
    I liked the point about not freaking out when my child fesses up to a lie or not telling me the whole truth. Being open for discussion will go so much further for our relationship.

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